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Thanksgiving Day Benefit

Taught by Richard Rosen


As the name of the holiday suggests, Thanksgiving is the day we take the time to give thanks for all the good things in our lives, including our yoga practice. Just as we traditionally gather together on this day with family and friends and share a sumptuous meal, we’ll do the same with fellow students to share a sumptuous class. And just as there are many dishes on the table to choose from, this class will lay out a tasty spread of asanas, standing, sitting, bending in all directions, and of course, reclining at the end to digest the meal. In celebration of the day’s customary centerpiece, expect lots of bird poses (except, I’m sorry to say, for Turkey). Piedmont Yoga Community’s mission is: To make yoga accessible to people with disabilities and chronic conditions in a safe environment. Join us to support PYC and their students.

The first 5 people who donate $100 or more to PYC for the Thanksgiving class will receive a free autographed book by Richard Rosen.

Registrations for this event will be handled by Nest Yoga. 

Please use the following links to sign up:

In Person - space limited: https://momence.com/s/97208842

Livestream - https://momence.com/s/97208845


November 23rd, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM