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As Thanksgiving draws near, we at Piedmont Yoga Community (PYC) deeply appreciate all of you who have supported us over the years.  We are very fortunate to have Nest Yoga Studio as an ongoing partner.  Owner Kim Lally has hosted PYC at Nest for several years by providing space and time for classes, visibility to PYC through the Nest website, and a supportive staff that makes sure our needs at the studio are met. When we started hybrid classes, Nest provided both technology and staff assistance to make our in-studio streaming classes possible. 


Registration is now open for a  DONATION-BASED class benefiting PYC.  The class will be co-taught by JoAnn Lyons and Carol Balfe and will feature a gentle asana practice followed by an iRest Yoga Nidra meditation. 


Saturday, November 27 from 2-3:30

Nest Yoga

Donation Based In-Person and Live Streaming

Co-teachers:  JoAnn Lyons and Carol Balfe

Registration: In-Person or Streaming

COVID-19 Vaccination:  You must be fully vaccinated to attend in person.  
Please bring proof of vaccination with you to class. 



Richard Rosen will offer a DONATION-BASED class on New Year’s Day at Nest Yoga and Streaming Live.  You can find more details or register for this class here.


Board member, Claire Breedlove, has conducted a number of interviews with students who have been ‘regulars’ in PYC classes.  Claire recently spoke with Patricia:

C:  What brought you to PYC?

P:  In 1997, I developed thoracic outlet syndrome. I had to leave my job, couldn’t feed myself and was in lots of pain. I tried the occasional yoga class but always ended up having a flare up of my illness. Someone suggested that I take a restorative yoga class, and I got a recommendation for JoAnn.

CHow long have you been attending PYC classes? 

P:  Three years. I really trust JoAnn and the assistants. Staff always helps me find different ways of doing things.

CWhat do you think are the main benefits of the classes?

P:  I love the community and feel so much better. I can do lots of things I used to not be able to do, including turning my head to the left. 

C:  How have you handled the transition to Zoom classes?   

P:  I’m glad I have a sense of community from having been taking classes for a while. I know what I can and can’t do and am not afraid of hurting myself anymore. It’s kind of nice not to have to drive to Piedmont Ave. It has been helpful to do more breathing. I think it helps us in the pandemic.

C:  What’s your favorite thing you have learned from PYC classes?  

P:  Bending from the hips. I do a lot of gardening and have learned to bend in a way that doesn’t hurt my back. 

C:  What’s your advice for a newcomer?

P:  Try it. It’s kind of amazing! You’ll get a really good workout plus people really care about you and care that you don’t hurt yourself. They care that there are ways you can adapt. There is an acceptance of people with disabilities and of people’s bodies being different. It’s great that people can get the exercise they need without having to look a certain way.

Thank you Patricia for taking the time to talk with us!


We offer classes to our students on a sliding scale.   The student fees we do collect don't fully cover our expenses.  We're hoping you'll consider becoming a monthly supporter  Your donation will help us better serve our students on an ongoing basis.   Please donate now.

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With your donations, PYC can continue to offer these uniquely accessible and adaptive classes for students with a variety of needs.


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