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We hope you are enjoying your summer.  This month we'd like to highlight our appreciation of Nest Yoga which is the in-studio host for PYC's classes.

Nest Yoga - Supportive Partner of Piedmont Yoga Community (PYC):

Laura assists in-studio

Without a welcoming, supportive, accessible host yoga studio, PYC would be hard-pressed to offer its weekly program of classes. 

In a recent conversation, Kim Lally, owner of Nest Yoga, and Laura Quidato, studio manager, shared their individual and collective passion for the work of PYC and affirmed Nest’s ongoing support for accessible Yoga programs for People with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions.   This passionate support has shown up in a myriad of ways that include:

Beyond these supports, both Laura and Kim have been ever ready to accommodate and support our every request.  Kim, who greatly missed seeing PYC students in person, told us she looks forward once again to greeting the students as we make the transition to some in-person classes.   Laura, who has regularly assisted in PYC classes for several years, reports that she deeply values the partnership with PYC and often refers students seeking accessible classes to PYC.   

Throughout the conversation, both Kim and Laura kept asking: “What more can we do to support PYC?”   And it is for just this warm, enthusiastic, and productive partnership that we at PYC are deeply grateful. 

Kudos to Kim and Laura of Nest Yoga!



We offer classes to our students on a sliding scale.   The student fees we do collect don't fully cover our expenses.  We're hoping you'll consider becoming a monthly supporter  Your donation will help us better serve our students on an ongoing basis.   Please donate now.

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With your donations, PYC can continue to offer these uniquely accessible and adaptive classes for students with a variety of needs.


This newsletter is supported, in part, by Stephen Beard - a former PYC Board member and student, host of the weekly podcast, "Accessible Housing Matters," and Realtor™ specializing in accessible housing for individuals with disabilities. Check out his podcast episodes at!

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