During April and May of 2012 an initial 8-week session was at the Cancer Support Community of the East Bay in Walnut Creek on the healing benefits of weekly yoga practice with 11 cancer patients undergoing treatment. 

The students tracked various side-effects of treatment including pain interference, sleep disturbance, digestive disturbance, anxiety and fatigue. The research findings are available for viewing:


What did you enjoy most about the class?

"The explanation of what we were going to do before doing it, as well as the demonstration followed by the instruction given. The repetition of the different position helped to reinforce the positions so that I was able to practice at home." Anon

"The poses and mudras which helped me a lot in remaining calm among the pain, chaos and rushing of things in my life." Anon

"You are a great instructor. I loved the way you tailored the class to the wants and needs of the students. I looked forward to yoga every week." B.S.

"The relaxation and restorative asanas. Your great teaching skills, especially introducing yoga in simple steps and teaching simple and very effective techniques helped to remove the general fear that Yoga is too complex to practice. Overall it motivated us to include yoga in our daily lives." S.N.
How did the practices help you with your levels of anxiety?

"Just having my muscles gently stretched out and practicing the mudras ? really reduced my anxiety level. I recently took two trips, five days each, and I had very little anxiety during both trips." Anon

"After class I felt relaxed and refreshed. I also found myself using some of the techniques outside of class, It helped me stay calm in some stressful situations." B.S.
How did the practices help you with your levels of insomnia? 

"My sleep is getting better. On the average, I now only wake up once at night and on sometime am able to sleep through the night. My fatigue has improved." Anon

"My body was relaxed more than usual, and it made my sleeping much more regular and comfortable." Anon

"The yoga nidra practice was very helpful in putting me to deep sleep. It was very relaxing and refreshing." S.N.
How did the practices help you with your levels of pain?

"The practice at home has helped me stretch and warm up before I get started in the day. This has eased my back pain some." Anon

"Helping to gently stretch out the muscles, and using the mudras to calm me, the practices helped me to identify my pain more closely, and treat it more effectively." Anon

"It helped me in reducing the intake of pain medications." S.N.
How did the practices help you with your levels of fatigue? 

"Adding more relaxation techniques to my weekly schedule, especially the mudras, helped me to be less often heavily fatigued." Anon

"By helping me relax , feel less stressed and sleep better, I wasn't as tired." B.S.

"Yoga nidra helped me to relax and refresh myself. Was ready to tackle my daily work easily after that." S.N.
How did the practices help you with your levels of digestive disturbance?

"The focus on the twisting excercises was a great help in keeping my digestive system working more smoothly and regular." Anon

"Typically the pain medication I was taking caused constipation. With yoga practice, I was able to reduce my intake of medication to overcome this side effect." S.N.
How did your participation help you with your healing process?

"I still practice yoga and pop in some of my favorite poses that this class taught us, and I especially use the mudras that help me to remain calm. I have a much lower anxiety level and this helps me so much in not panicing about every little thing. My life feels so much smoother, and I can focus on the real important things when I need to." Anon

"It gave me an overall sense of well-being. I also felt like I was taking a positive step to help myself heal. I enjoyed being in the class with others who were going through similar issues." Anon

"It was a useful distraction from my anxiety as to my cancer status." Anon 
Other comments:

"I highly recommend this program, and I would love to see this class brought back on a regular basis." Anon"

I believe this program to be extremely helpful for those going through treatment, or suffering through the after effects of treatment. I suffer from neureopothy in my feet, and fibermyalga, and my medications need to be constantly checked and balanced. This program helped me greatly, and so easily, in reducing anxiety, constipation, insomnia, and fatigue, and some reduction in pain relief." Anon
"There are many factors out of your control when facing serious health issues, but this yoga class is a positive step towards wellness. I looked forward to yoga every week and left each class feeling both relaxed and energized." B.S.

"For the first time in my life I learned that yoga was easy to do and thanks to your excellent teaching skills, guidance and supporting handouts gave me confidence to do it on a daily basis. Long time back, more than 30 years ago, had attended yoga classes in India and was intimidated by the complex yoga asanas giving the impression that yoga was not for me and so had never really practiced yoga. I really liked your enthusiasm in teaching yoga in simple terms and emphasizing to practice at our comfort levels and most importantly showing various alternatives to each asana thereby allowing us to chose the method that was more easy and comfortable to do. Additionally giving considerable supplemental handouts and the excellent resources available at your website helped me to easily remember and practice yoga. Your ingenious approach to use available resources at home and yoga techniques for use at office desk were very effective to add yoga in our daily lives." S.N.

"The relaxation practices from class are helping with night awakening due to chemo-induced menopause. I love how I feel doing class!" C.S.
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